Our sizable plan stalled out in Glenview

My friends and I moved to Glenview as part of a bigger plan, then my buddy and I were a rock band, with bold dreams of tunesal success on the sizable stage, then at the same time my friend and I were too intimidated to transport right to Chicago, my friend and I needed to start anywhere smaller and make our way up the ladder of success! Glenview seemed to be the perfect choice, however it was only a few miles away from the Chicago Loop, it had a nice reputation for a live tunes scene, and the rent was affordable, then the plan was for our band to start playing local shows, make a little money, build up momentum in Glenview, and then transport to the sizable city.

That didn’t happen as planned! Conquering the eveninglife in Glenview was not as self-explanatory as my friend and I had hoped, and my friend and I were outshined by a lot of other bands who were just better than my friend and I were.

Did you know the lead singer from Fall Out Boy comes from Glenview? Without enough money to leave, I was trapped, so I found a part-time task with an Heating and Air Conditioning business to make a little money; Before long I replaced to a full-time task, and then my friend and I started to break back on band practice. As much as I cherish tunes, Heating and Air Conditioning work pays a lot better, and if I want to survive in Glenview I need to have a steady income, pretty soon the whole band has to make a choice, to stay here in Glenview and keep trying, or to pack up and go home, no matter what happens, I am staying in Glenview.

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