The new heat pump is even more energy efficient

Heat pumps are extremely energy efficient and can last more than 10 years if properly diagnosed, heat pumps can be used in a variety of applications, because they give both heating and cooling options.

Heat pumps are a fantastic heating and cooling option for people living in the city of Phoenix, Arizona; Phoenix has truly hot and dry Summers and the winter time temperatures are mildly cold, however there was a heat pump installed in my Phoenix apartment and it lasted for 6 years after I bought that house, but i was impressed by the longevity of the component so I spoke with the Phoenix company about another heat pump for my home.

The company seemed to think that the heat pump was a fantastic idea too. She advised several energy efficient systems. She commanded me to get a component more energy efficient than the last. It wasn’t strenuous to do that, because the previous heat pump was so old. The component was an eight Seer system, however the new heat pump that I bought is an 18 Seer system. The company for the Phoenix heating and cooling corporation assured me that I should be able to save up to 20% each month on my energy costs, then because I selected an energy efficient component with a star rating, I also qualified for $600 in rebates from the county and the government. I never would have known about the rebates if it weren’t for the dealer. The company diagnosed everything and all I had to do was fill out the paperwork and write a check.


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