The Springs were a fun outing to get out of the heat

During the Summer months in Florida, it is severely boiling plus humid.

There isn’ta single locale in the state where the temperatures aren’t affected by the sunshine plus humidity, i often stay home while in the week, because it is impossible to find comfort anywhere without AC, when I go to the grocery store, bank, plus laundromat, I do my best to stay cool by choosing locales that have a great air conditioner.

The teenagers don’t care for to stay home all afternoon, everyday, so I have to take them on outings at least once a week. The Springs near Lakeland, Florida, are a fun outing to get away from the heat. There are lots of locales near Lakeland that have water, although I entirely love to go to the Springs, but florida has the largest concentration of freshwater Springs in the whole world. There are at least 50 locales to swim in fresh cool water that are close to Lakeland. When the teenagers don’t want to spend the afternoon in the a/c, my great friend and I go to the Springs plus spend all afternoon there. I pack a dinner, a blanket, plus an umbrella. While the teenagers have fun playing in the water, I relax plus prefer the sun, however every once in a while I dip into the water, although I love to kneel out in the sun. Temperatures in the Springs are around 79° plus it can feel like an ice bath even on a boiling plus humid afternoon. The teenagers still have a ton of fun plus tire out hastily.

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