After my injury, I got into HVAC work in South Bend

My parents had dreams of me going to a Division A university to play sports, maybe even end up in the Football Hall of Fame, which is situated right here in South Bend, i never got good grades, mostly because I never paid attention, but so long as I was athletic & good at sports, nobody seemed to care about my grades, then I blew out my knee during practice, & the healthcare experts told me I would never return to full strength & flexibility.

I could no longer rely on sports, & I sucked at getting an education, so what could I do? One of the coaches provided me the contact info for a small heating & cooling repair in South Bend that was looking for strong young workers.

If I am being tolerable I don’t think I ever would have been good enough to play ball for Notre Dame, so maybe this accident was for the best. I came to learn that the HVAC industry in South Bend is highly in demand, which means good jobs & good pay! The fact I didn’t have good grades didn’t matter, so long as I showed up, worked hard, & did my best to learn the nuance of HVAC repair! My size played a sizable factor, because there is a lot of heavy lifting in this line of work, & with all the modern construction in South Bend my pal and I never got a afternoon off, however south Bend is one of the great cities in America to be a sports fan, so between that & my burgeoning career, I am honestly enthusiastic right now.

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