I moved to Tuscaloosa to become a wrestler

When I turned 18 I told my parents I was leaving neighborhood and moving to Tuscaloosa to become a pro wrestler, then they both laughed uproariously at me, and then wished me luck! I have been obsessed with pro wrestling all my life, and for good reason – Alabama is traditionally a hotbed for wrestling shows, and classic performers.

  • I grew up enjoying gentlemen like Bobby Eaton, John Tatum, Mooncat Rex, and Dennis Condry tear down the household in locations like the Tuscaloosa colosseum, however now that I was aged enough, I wanted to try my hand at it, so Tuscaloosa seemed like the best location to go! First I found a wrestling school, run by Bob Owens, after that I found a job in an HVAC warehousehold lifting heavy device all afternoon.

This was certainly the best of both worlds, because spending a afternoon in a hot, humid Tuscaloosa warehousehold is better than hitting the gym, however between the HVAC warehousehold and the wrestling ring, I split a lot of weight and truly got into superb physical condition, but at the end of the afternoon, it came down to currency. It turns out the HVAC business who owned the warehousehold liked my labor ethic, and provided me a full time position in her Tuskaloosa offices. Taking that job would mean no more extra time for training to be a wrestler, however if I want to live in Tuscaloosa for good, after that I need to find a legit job. I suppose I will take the job in the Tuscaloosa offices, and keep training in the ring on weekends.



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