After a sports injury I got into HVAC work

Traditionally speaking, this part of Missouri is a hotbed for athletic talent.

Local schools are legendary for the athletes they have produced, many of whom went on to successful jobs in school and professional sports, but because of my size and strength as a child, my Dad was sure I would end up a Springfield sports icon, then dad was wrong about that, but thanks to a random car accident I was harmd, and but I can move around just relaxing these nights, any dreams of a sports job were dead in the water; With such a high level of competition in Springfield, there was no way I could continue, because I would never be 100% again.

Did you know that as of the last US census, there were 67 strange towns named Springfield? I like to feel that ours in Missouri is the best Springfield of them all when it comes to sports… I had to make a choice about my future, and my guidance counselor suggested I look into HVAC work, and since my grades were poor, and I was rough and tough, she thought that the construction industry in Springfield would be a great site for me to start a job; A skilled tradesperson, like a plumber, a roofer, or an HVAC tech, can make great currency here, because the demand for current construction is constantly high in Springfield and the surrounding areas. Truth be told I never thought I was relaxing enough to go pro, or even to get a football scholarship at any of the Springfield schools. I’ll do great as an HVAC tech.

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