Building a future for myself in Lee’s Summit

When I dropped out of private school, my parents were absolutely angry, but in a city like Lee’s Summit good jobs don’t just grow on trees, as well as separate from an education or a skill it’s hard to build a job, however this is a city that gets bigger as well as more competitive every year, so separate from even the most basic education, I should have been doomed.

Then I got an offer from my Uncle Mike, who was a small corporation owner in Lee’s Summit.

If I wasn’t going to school, it meant I had a lot of extra time for work, as well as Uncle Mike always had a lot of that. At first it was about making money, then I came to realize that the Heating plus A/C industry in Lee’s Summit was thriving, as well as this was a opening to start a real job. This city was first established over 150 years ago, as well as it has been steadily growing ever since! What started off as a few hundred settlers has grown into a thriving city of well over 100,000, which means the construction industry in Lee’s Summit is always looking for modern people, and uncle Mike wasn’t just helping me get a job in the Heating plus A/C industry, she was also helping himself, because she had more work than she could handle alone. I worked with him, learning everything I could about heating as well as cooling systems, for over 2 years before I finally went to a Lee’s Summit city university as well as enrolled in formal Heating plus A/C certification classes, and since I had so much experience, the program was a breeze!

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