I drove from the beaches to the westside for the AC repair

Tuesday morning I had a repair at the beaches.

The store for the AC repair center is located in downtown Jacksonville.

I started there in the morning and I drove all the way to the beaches which took about 35 minutes. I worked on the repair all morning and did not finish until lunch time. I grabbed a snack at a nearby store, because I was supposed to help a co-worker with a mini split AC installation job in southside. My boss called me while I was eating and told me to drive to the West side. That was all the way on the other side of Jacksonville and I did not want to go to the AC repair. I grumbled and told my boss to find someone else. The guy hung up the phone and called me a couple of minutes later. He told me there was someone else to handle the repair on the west side. I thought that he was going to be fine, but he told me to go home after that. He wasn’t joking around. The next day I came to work and my boss told me that I was going to any repair that he schedules. The guy sent me home early because I was complaining about driving from the beaches to the West side. I should have kept my mouth shut, because now I;m on the guys radar. I definitely learned my lesson. I’ve only been here for a couple of months but I guess this particular Jacksonville AC repair business isn’t going to put up with picking and choosing my own jobs.
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