My Uncle in Orland Park took me in

Studying and reading books was never my forte.

I was a hands-on type of kid.

I liked to play outside, rough-and-tumble, but I also liked taking things apart to see if I could put them back together. Spoiler alert – usually I could not put them back together, which made my parents furious. For all my natural curiosity, I was never good at sitting in a classroom. Maybe it was ADHD before anyone knew what that was? I never finished high school, which may make you wonder how I became a successful HVAC tech in Orland Park, IL. The answer is simple, a caring relative with an established business owner in Orland Park who took me under his wing. Uncle Pedro saw potential in me, even if the Orland Park School District didn’t. Over the last ten years Orland Park has started to grow at a remarkable rate, mostly from spill-over from the Windy City up north. New residents means new construction, so a certified HVAC tech can do very well for himself. This is what happened with Uncle Pedro, and his little HVAC repair company had more customers than he could keep up with. I got on-the-job training, which mostly consisted of carrying tools and driving the HVAC truck at first. Within a month I was able to rent a small efficiency apartment near the business district of Orland Park. More to the point, doing this HVAC work in Orland Park gave me a better focus in life, not just something to do but a way to build a career.

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