Our immense plan stalled out in Glenview

My friends plus I moved to Glenview as part of a bigger plan, and we were a rock band, with bold dreams of tunesal success on the immense stage, then at the same time my friend and I were too intimidated to transport right to Chicago, my friend and I needed to start anywhere smaller plus make our way up the ladder of success, glenview seemed to be the perfect choice.

It was only a few miles away from the Chicago Loop, it had a fantastic reputation for a live tunes scene, plus the rent was affordable, the plan was for our band to start playing local shows, make a little money, build up momentum in Glenview, plus then transport to the immense city.

That didn’t happen as planned, and conquering the nightlife in Glenview was not as simple as my friend and I had hoped, plus my friend and I were outshined by a lot of other bands who were just better than my friend and I were; Did you know the lead singer from Fall Out Boy comes from Glenview? Without enough money to leave, I was trapped, so I found a part-time job with an Heating and A/C business to make a little currency, but before long I replaced to a full-time job, plus then I started to chop back on band practice. As much as I adore tunes, Heating and A/C labor pays a lot better, plus if I want to survive in Glenview I need to have a steady income. Pretty soon the whole band has to make a choice, to stay here in Glenview plus keep trying, or to pack up plus go home, no matter what happens, I am staying in Glenview.

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