Phoenix is a great place to work and live

There are hundreds of great reasons to live in the city of Phoenix.

  • The city has more days of sunshine than any other city in the midwest.

Phoenix is the largest city in the state of Arizona and also the capital city. It attracts visitors from all over the country. Phoenix has a lot of outdoor activities, because the weather is so nice and sunny all throughout the year. One nice place to visit is Camelback mountain. I visited Camelback Mountain a lot when I was in college. When I got a job in Phoenix and decided to move here full-time, I bought a house close to Camelback mountain. The mountain offers some of the most breathtaking views of the city and you can see for miles and miles. The desert botanical gardens are a nice place to visit as well. I was at the Desert Botanical Gardens on Saturday with my girlfriend, when I ran into a guy that quit college in his first year of school. The guy was an engineering student with me, but he quit to work with his dad. I never knew what his dad did until I ran into the guy. He was happy to report that he was now the owner of an HVAC company in Phoenix. His dad was the previous owner of the HVAC company and he took over about a year ago. The million dollar company has service centers in north and east Phoenix and a new HVAC repair shop that is being built south of the city. I was really happy to hear that he was doing well.

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