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I got the name of a local heating in AC repair and installation company from one of my coworkers.

The St.

Petersburg Heating and AC repair and installation company installed a couple of ductless heaters for one of my buddies at work. When I was looking for someone to give me a new estimate on a central air conditioning system, my coworker mentioned the name of the business. He wrote down the name and the phone number on the back of a business card that he had tucked away in his wallet. The business card wasn’t from the St. Petersburg heating and AC company, which is why he wrote the information on the back of the card. Later that night when I was talking to my wife about the new central air conditioning system, I mentioned the name of the business that my coworker had mentioned earlier that day. My wife said the name sounded like a company in St Petersburg that she wrote down earlier. The companies turned out to be exactly the same. When my wife looked up the company, she saw that they had five star ratings for customer service. Everyone that used the company had something nice to say and that is a company that you want to do business with. When I was referred the same company by my buddy at work, I decided to contact the St Petersburg Heating in AC company. They came out to our home and gave us a free estimate on the new equipment and didn’t try to pressure us to buy anything at all.

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