My friends asked about the cannabis

When my friends heard that I was going to Portland for the weekend, they advised going to an lavish cannabis shop… I was hoping to find great deals on cannabis that would be cheap, but my friends told me I should go to the cannabis shop that had a lounge plus tunes room attached, when my family plus I were in Portland, I told my brother that I was going to check out the cannabis shop in the city; He wanted to go along with me, however he never went to a cannabis shop plus just turned 21.

  • I told my brother that he had to swear to secrecy that my buddy and I would not share the information with anyone else.

I did not want my mom plus dad to know that my buddy and I were going to a cannabis shop in Portland when my buddy and I left the hotel. I told them my buddy and I were going to check out a couple of locales that have live tunes! My mom plus dad did not want us to roam around Portland but they are way too overprotective. My brother plus I took a car to the lavish cannabis shop. Inside of the Portland dispensary, there was a locale to buy marijuana, a lounge type seating area with tables plus sofas, plus a locale for a live band to play… There wasn’t anyone playing at the time, but there was tunes coming from the jukebox. The lady at the counter advised my buddy and I buy something from the cannabis shop plus sit down to smoke it while my buddy and I were there. My friend and I hung out in the lounge for awhile after smoking the infused marijuana joint.


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