Sue from Sioux Falls

Looking back I can see how I was entitled and spoiled when I was young.

This led to some behavior issues, because I was a brat used to getting my own way. I got into a lot of trouble at school throughout the years, but when I was in 10th grade I was expelled permanently. I was no longer welcome in the Sioux Falls school district. My parents were not sympathetic, and told me if I wasn’t getting an education, then I had to get a job. I was very fortunate that my Aunt Sue was looking out for me. Sue ran a small HVAC repair company in Sioux Falls. In fact the catch phrase she used in her marketing campaign was “Sue from Sioux Falls” which is pretty catchy. Although she wasn’t pleased about having to teach me all the basics of heating and cooling repair, Aunt Sue did her best to give me the skills I needed to survive. No one was going to take care of me, and unless I wanted to wind up homeless on the bitterly cold streets of Sioux Falls, I needed to find a way to make money. Sue let me sleep on a cot in the stockroom of the HVAC repair shop, and that was how I survived for a few months. Even though I was still learning, with my help Aunt Sue was able to expand her business, and to repairs in new neighborhoods around Sioux Falls, so we both made a lot of extra money. One day I hope to get my HVAC certification, like Sue.
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