The AC needed to be updated before we could move in

There are lots of things to love about Minneapolis.

It has a lot of music venues, art galleries, theaters, and museums.

The Art District features more than a dozen different eclectic and rare shops and stores. Minneapolis is one of the best places to go to see a concert. There are lots of dive bars all over the place and you can frequently see famous people performing on a Thursday or Friday night. My wife and I thought about moving to Minneapolis for a while. We were living about 3 hours East of the city. I knew that it was going to be more expensive to move to the city, but I had a couple of job prospects that looked good. When I found the right job, my wife and I looked for a house in Minneapolis. We found a place near the art district, but the AC needed to be updated before we could move in. We contacted a local AC repair and installation company. The AC repair and installation company had great reviews online. Most people agreed that the company provided quality repairs and excellent customer service. I contacted the AC repair and installation company in Minneapolis and the company sent a service technician to give me a free in-home consultation and estimate. The guy provided me with several options for the new AC unit and discussed the energy efficiency and cost effectiveness of each one. I thought the service that we received from the Minneapolis company was a lot better than any service I have received from other companies in the past.