The sale included all of the concentrates, vape pens, and cartridges

My friends and I were hanging out at my apartment and it was raining pretty hard.

The rain makes me feel depressed.

It was the third day in a row that it rained and I was ready to explode. When my buddy said we should order recreational marijuana from a dispensary nearby, I thought it was a great idea. I looked for a marijuana dispensary in Seattle with great prices on all of the products that my friends and I wanted to order. One of the products that we wanted was a tincture that has a flavor like lemons, limes, grapes, or strawberries. The first marijuana dispensary in Seattle didn’t have any of the products that we wanted. The place had the best prices, but they definitely didn’t have a large selection. The stock on pre rolls was low too. When we looked at a different marijuana dispensary in Seattle, we found a place that had the edibles and the texture that we were looking for. The place was having a first time patient special sale as well and my friends and I saved 30% on our order. We also took advantage of great sale prices that included concentrates, vape pens, and dried marijuana flower. Everything in the shop was on sale that day and we ended up with a lot of products for one low and reasonable price. The purchase from the marijuana shop made me feel a little less depressed about the fact that the rain was still falling as hard as it was hours earlier that day.

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