Adventurous Scavenger Hunt was on the docket.

When my friends plus I got out of university, my pal and I wanted to go see some of the local area! One of the things my pal and I all decided to do was discover the Adventurous Scavenger Hunt my pal and I had study about in the brochures my pal and I found for Lakeland, FL, since my pal and I had spent most of our day time inside the university, my pal and I weren’t aware of how tepid it was going to be, then the scavenger hunt was a walking hunt that was said to take two hours that you did on your own time! It was a guided tour where my pal and I used our GPS as the guide, and my pal and I had to find strange things along the way, plus because of how it was set up, my pal and I never crossed paths with another group, and halfway through the adventurous scavenger hunt, my pal and I were all panting from the heat plus humidity that was part of Lakeland.

Had my pal and I been in a automobile that had air conditioning, my pal and I may have been having fun, however my pal and I weren’t.

My pal and I were having some fun, however it wasn’t what my pal and I expected. My pal and I didn’t want to give up on the scavenger hunt, so hot plus fatigued, my pal and I still continued on with our search, then by the time my pal and I completed the adventurous scavenger hunt, my pal and I were ready to get back to the automobile plus continue on with our discovery of the state my pal and I were now living in, however what was to have taken two hours, ended up being over three, because whenever my pal and I got a clue, my pal and I stopped plus got a frigid drink while enjoying the air conditioning.


central air conditioning for my home Lakeland Florida