It was said that Lake Morton’s swans were beautiful.

One of the draws of Lakeland, FL that attracts nature lovers, is Lake Morton, however it is said the swans that swim there are direct descendants of the swans donated to the park by Queen Elizabeth in 1957.

I could not wait to get to Lake Morton and see if the swans absolutely were mute, or if it was just a local legend.

I knew what swans sounded like, because I lived next to a lake that had been inhabited by swans, but they were loud and obnoxious. They were also actually territorial… You always knew when they were nesting, because they would chase you down if you got too near the lake. I wondered if the same was true with Lake Morton. I wondered which were the mute swans, because there were both pale white and black swans… My pal and I figured it out hastily when the black swans started chasing some unsuspecting youngsters, and along with swans, there were turtles, birds, and other types of wildlife at the lake. My pal and I spent nearly half a day there, until my good friend and I realized how sizzling it had become and that I had forgotten my camera. My fiance didn’t suppose the iPhone was taking actually nice pictures, but I was enjoying myself. Eventually, the 100 degrees and 100% humidity was getting to us, and my good friend and I had to go to the hotel where my good friend and I had air conditioning. I hoped to return to Lake Morton now that my good friend and I got some air conditioning, and I had my camera in hand. I wanted to have as many memories from Lakeland, FL as my good friend and I could take property with us.


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