We came to Lee’s Summit for drinking?

My husband kept telling me that the best location to go for a fantastic lunch in Lee’s Summit was the Diametric Brewing Company.

He told me about the amazing sandwiches plus how my buddy and I would be getting out of the Summer heat, but i was cheerful, knowing I would not need to be outside much longer, even though I kept thinking about it being a brewery.

He insisted it was a restaurant, plus not a brewing business. I would have air conditioning, plus there would be families there! My associate and I came out for a weekend away, plus were staying in Lee’s Summit, where his best neighbor lived. I knew my buddy and I would be meeting up with him plus his husbandy. My associate and I no sooner got in the Diametric Brewing Company when I heard my husband’s name being bellowed. I took a deep breath of the air conditioning plus pasted on a smile. I had met the guy behind the voice, plus I wasn’t cheerful. His husbandy was as quiet as he was loud, plus my buddy and I got along, and once my buddy and I were done with our lunch, he insisted my husband plus I go with them to Fringe Beerworks plus Smoke Brewing Company. My husband plus his neighbor were enjoying trying all the new beer they had on their menus. I looked at Mary plus asked if he planned on being designated driver plus he nodded. She laughed plus said he had air conditioning in the breweries, didn’t need to put up with the teenagers for a couple of hours, plus knew he was safe. I realized my buddy and I came to Lee’s Summit for the weekend plus for beer.

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