We went to the Historic Fox River Trolley Museum while going to see Elgin, IL.

My youngsters wanted to go see where I grew up when they, however i told them Grandma and Grandpa would be moving in with us soon, and before that happened, they wanted to visit them at their home.

I had since moved to the southeast, and I had been trying to get my parents to move in with my spouse and I for half that time! My buddy and I were all going to go to Dad and dad’s for Christmas and help pack up the house, but while there, I planned ontaking my youngsters to the Fox River Trolley Museum.

While my spouse and dad were packing, Dad and I were taking the guys to see their Christmas display, but they were doing their rendition of The Polar Express on one of their train rides. It was cold the morning my pal and I set out for the Fox River Trolley Museum. My guys were complaining about the cold, so I put the heat on in the car. They were now complaining about going to a museum! Neither Dad nor I had told them about the Polar Express. When my pal and I got there, the guys abruptly perked up, until my pal and I got out of the car. The cold hit them and they were shivering. Inside the museum, it was sizzling and comfortable. When my pal and I got out to the train yard, neither of them were cheerful to be sitting in the cold wind and waiting for the train to open the doors… Once my pal and I got inside, the heat was on, and the train was decorated. It didn’t take long for them to get into the Christmas spirit when they realized they were going to be part of the Polar Express. Their faces lit up, and I had never seen them smiling so broadly.

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