Autumn in Birmingham brings less humidity.

Fall, in most areas, means the temperatures are going down plus is the signal that winter time will be arriving, then fall starts in October in AL, just like it does in the rest of the US… The difference is that our temperatures go into the low eighties, plus it signals that the humidity will soon be abating; It also means needing to go back to school.

  • I was a educator, plus I dreaded that time of year… My buddy and I had a/c in the schools, but several of my older students weren’t ready to return, then of course, the younger students weren’t ready to return either.

There are so several swings going on about the neighborhood in the fall, that the kids are still sad to be out plus about plus not stuck in a classroom for hours on end, however no sooner does school start plus the fall events begin. Many of my students work at the local farms plus have responsibilities that carry over to the harvest festivals, however right on the heels of the harvest festivals are the winter time holidays. No one wants to be in a classroom when Thanksgiving is coming, plus Christmas is right behind. As a educator, we need to corral their attention plus get them to do their work. My buddy and I know the older kids are going to be working on the weekends plus some work during the week. My buddy and I can only hope they have somewhere with excellent Heating plus Air Conditioning to keep them going when trying to do the homework we assign to them. I know they would not suppose me if I told them I understood. I had to go to school when the summer time humidity was abating, plus the fun tasks of working harvest festivals were start.

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