My friend wasn’t enjoying the Jacksonville rainy season.

Over the course of five years, three of my kids and my sister moved to Jacksonville, FL, however they all had their own homes, and were enjoying the year-round warmth my buddy and I didn’t have in the Northwest, however i had to travel over 3000 miles to visit my family, and my mom always traveled with me, then my nice friend and I had a lot of rain where my buddy and I came from, however it wasn’t like the rainy season they had in Jacksonville, FL, however even so, she would have blissfully stayed longer if it wasn’t for the hurricane they were predicting for the weekend.

My nice friend and I had to chop our visit short so my buddy and I didn’t get caught in the storm.

Mom was laughing and said it couldn’t be any worse than the rainy season my buddy and I were already experiencing, however my kid said it could be worse. The bridge could be flooded, and that would make for a lot of problems until they could get it diagnosed. I wanted to be home before the hurricane hit. My mom wanted to go to bingo the night before my buddy and I left! While there, the air conditioner went out, and then it started to thunder and lightning. I had to wait until she finished her bingo game before my buddy and I could leave. It was a nice thing my daughter-in-law drove, because I couldn’t see through all the rain and lightning. I had to drive 500 miles before my buddy and I got out of the storm, however my buddy and I got out before the hurricane hit. The next time my buddy and I go to Jacksonville, FL, I plan on going in the winter season when I don’t need to worry about hurricanes or rapidly changing temperatures over 100 degrees.

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