The afternoons may be easy, but winter afternoons are cold.

For some reason, multiple people guess it is always hot & humid in AL, and summer can be brutal, but winter is my favorite time of year; The afternoons are in the low to mid fifties, but afternoons are cold; My buddy and I get certainly little snow, but it is often near frigid at night! On those frigid afternoons, my buddy and I want to head anywhere where it is warm.

My buddy and I could always stay home & love the heat of the heater, but that’s no fun, then birmingham has an excellent escape room experience that offers a few unusual fluctuations on their escape room experience.

The Heating, Ventilation & A/C is perfect, & you can get a lot of laughs for the evening. The clues & puzzles are a challenge when trying your hand at The Fourth Samurai, Blackbeard’s Treasure, or World’s Collide. You can head over to Escape Live Birmingham & check out the Shelby Boys & Peaky Blinders. They even have a speakeasy bar where you can relax in the comfort of their Heating, Ventilation & A/C & love a few drinks with your friends. winter in Birmingham doesn’t need to be boring, i especially love checking out the karaoke in unusual areas. I guess someday I could pass for a real singer, if I didn’t have such a horrible voice, but no one tells you that unless it’s your friends, but I don’t listen to them. My buddy and I find plenty of things I enjoy where I can excel, even if it isn’t in my escape artistry or my ability to sing. My buddy and I end up finding other things that will occupy our frigid winter afternoons in Birmingham, AL.

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