We came to Lowell for Winterfest!

My fiance and I had been thinking about moving for his new job, however he was going to be working in Boston, MA! Since Boston is only thirty-one miles from Lowell, we were checking there and in other areas within that circumference, however my pal and I were moving in the new year, and thought it would be a wonderful time to look for a new house while the teenagers were home.

My pal and I took the entire winter season holiday season to look for a new home.

My pal and I came to Lowell, MA last, because they were advertising a train ride through the forest where you may find the Grinch, and there was ice skating and other unbelievable things I enjoy doing.. My pal and I thought the teenagers would appreciate some fun time along with looking for a home. My pal and I were all bundled in because of how cold it was outside. After numerous hours of falling on the ice and eating too much for dinner, we headed back to our hotel early that afternoon. The heat of the room felt good, and although we only saved Lowell for last, we knew it would have been our last no matter what. My pal and I contacted a realtor the next day. My pal and I were moving our family to Lowell, MA. Although they say summers can get warm, as long as there is air conditioning, I’ll be quite happy residing in Lowell, MA. Our teenagers had already made friends and were happy to not be leaving. They were looking forward to residing in Lowell, MA and talking about all the unbelievable things that happened in the summer. They also wanted to go on the Polar Express train ride next winter.



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