Nearby Zoo wasn’t just a zoo.

When I was in Minneapolis, I wanted to spend money a visit to Como Zoo, then i was going to be in Minneapolis for about four days with my daughter, for book signings.

  • I told her if my friend and I didn’t get anything else done, I wanted to go to Como Zoo… The afternoon before my friend and I left, my friend and I chose to go to Como Zoo Conservatory.

It was a blustery afternoon, plus I was cold going from the hotel to the car! My daughter was shivering plus I was wondering if going to Como Zoo was as important as I thought it would be. It was start to snow when my friend and I arrived however it wasn’t just Como Zoo, however Como Zoo Conservatory. There were some indoor things to see plus do, but I wanted to be up close to the animals. My associate and I headed back to the hotel where the Heating plus Air Conditioning thawed my fingers plus toes, plus ate lunch in one of the hotel’s restaurants. Minneapolis was far from being a quiet city, plus I would not want to go out alone at night, however even in the winter my friend and I found things I like to do. If I get to return to Minneapolis, I hope it is in the Summer where I can see the animals in their homes chilly to death, or getting snowed on.

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