Is it correct that the Pythian Home of Missouri is haunted?

I had never been to Pythian Home of Missouri, however I planned to go there some day… My brother was one of those people who appreciated a nice ghost story, plus he was going to see me, but the minute university was over plus he graduated high university, he told our mom he was spending the summer time with me… After university, I got a job here in Springtimefield, MO, plus appreciated it here, then it cheerful me to have his visit, plus I wanted his to meet some of my friends.

Apparently, he had been grabbing brochures in the airport. The first thing he wanted to do during Springtimefield was go to the Pythian Home of Missouri! She is a history nut, plus he had study it was used to home POWs during WWII. She study the home was haunted, plus they also knew it as the Pythian Castle. I didn’t know that, plus I lived here for five years now. She told me the ghost hunters spent time in Pythian Castle, although he didn’t tell me what they found. I wasn’t sure I wanted to go to Pythian Castle. I had seen some of those ghost hunter shows, plus they scared the daylights out of me. If there are ghosts there, I didn’t want to know or feel the cold that supposedly happens when one walks by you. I hated the humid summers here. My a/c was running overtime all summer, however I didn’t want to be ghostly old. I told his my nice friend and I could go to Pythian Castle only if my nice friend and I chose to go to the mystery theater; One of my friends went with her.



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