Lee’s Summit is full of summertime fun.

I try to get home as much as possible, but I will admit summer is my favorite time in Lee’s Summit. There are so many events and things to do, that I spend my entire vacation visiting family and friends and going to different events. One of my favorite ways to relax while home in Lee’s Summit, is to go to Splash at Summit Waves. With its lazy man made river that you can spend almost a quarter mile rolling along on an inner tube, to the splash park for the kids, makes it a family favorite. When the day gets hotter, and I’m ready to relax and head inside with some air conditioning, we head to town and relax in one of the many restaurants, or head over to the brewery where they offer beer and wine. I spend a lot of time with my parents while I’m back home. My friends come over, and dad always has the grill going so we can have a BBQ. We’ll sit outside and enjoy the cool evening while talking about old times. Mom and dad always have fun stories to tell that are only fun for everyone else to hear, and are usually embarrassing to myself and my friends. There is nothing like going home again, even if I do let my mind wander back to where I now live. The climate isn’t as nice as it is back home, and I often wish I could move back to Lee’s Summit and enjoy the cold winters and hot summers, but it won’t happen. I’m stuck where it is summer almost all year round.


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