Marcus Elgin Cinema has reclining seats.

While at my sister’s house, my mom had other things on her agenda that didn’t include gambling.

She wanted to go to the Marcus Elgin Cinema.

She told me if I was bored with the movie, I could sit back in the reclining seat and take a short nap. I knew if I were to do that she would be poking me and laughing at me because I snore sometimes. I took her to the Marcus Elgin Cinema and was going to drop her off, but she was pouting. She told me to take her back to my sister’s house, and she would shiver in her unforgiving air conditioning if I would go with her. I told her to pick any other place other than the Marcus Elgin Cinema, and I wouldn’t say another word. She chose to go to the Elgin Fire Barn 5 Museum. She reminded me it was air conditioned and told me I may even meet a cute fireman while I was there. All I could think was that it was a museum and he would either be a very old fireman or a ghost, but that wouldn’t have stopped her. I had to admit the museum was interesting. It had a lot of old fire equipment, and I realized how much better equipped the firemen of today were than those back when Elgin was first built. I dodged the Marcus Elgin Cinema with its recliners and excellent air conditioning and went to a firehouse. I never thought I would be anxious to return to my sister’s house.

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