We went camping on Jacksonville beach.

My daughter thought it would be fun to take me and the girls to Jacksonville beach and go camping.

I had already looked at the weather report, and it wasn’t supposed to rain.

It was supposed to be hot and humid, but it wasn’t supposed to rain. I was sure my daughter would have rented a camper for the weekend, but I was wrong. She didn’t even consider getting a camper. She told me she and her family often slept in tents on Jacksonville beach. The only thing I could find some good out of the camping trip, was that the sand would be more comfortable than sleeping on rocks and uneven ground. I was wrong. The tent pegs couldn’t stay in the ground because the water would come up through the holes and pop them out. It was hot and humid, but if I didn’t keep the flap shut, the sand fleas and other bugs would get inside. My granddaughter was afraid crabs and other things would come inside if I didn’t put the flap down. I was so hot and sweaty that I got out of the tent and sat on the beach. My daughter came out to see if I was okay. I told her I would have preferred sleeping in a hotel or anywhere they had air conditioning, and she laughed. She promised that after that night, we would stay closer to the house and not venture out during the day, unless it was to go to the pool and relax. That wasn’t keeping me out of the sun, unless she had a pool tent to keep the sun off us.

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