I told her to pick, and she went with Riders In The Wind.

When our grandson stayed with us for a week, my friend and I told him she could choose anything she wanted to do or anyplace she wanted to go, then after spending an entire afternoon on the internet, she finally came up with an idea… She told us she wanted to go to Riders in The Wind. I hadn’t heard about Riders in The Wind, and I had to ask him about it. She told me there were ponies rides, camel rides, and face painting before the event; There were horses and trick riders were on the horses. She saw a video where one rider was doing a split with her feet on unusual horses while going around the center ring. She was so happy about what she saw she was jumping up and down, then when Papa got home, I told him what Sam wanted to do this week. She frowned and whispered the same question I had asked. What is Riders in The Wind. i told him she would need to google it and find out. She needed to buy tickets for all of us so my friend and I could take him. She especially wanted to go on the camel ride and get her face painted, my wife didn’t lookk overly enthused with the idea, however there wasn’t anything she would not do for Sam. She told me how much she had to pay for the tickets, however the face painting, pony ride, and camel ride had to be paid for when my friend and I got to the location. I supposed it was like the circus, however hopefully they didn’t have clowns. I also hoped they had air conditioner and air purification, because the place was going to aroma with all those horses.
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