My husband said the Sunken Gardens were just okay.

While my buddy and I were visiting family in St, but petersburg, FL, I wanted to go see The Sunken Gardens, then the Sunken Gardens is 4 acres of beautiful botanical gardens that is in the center of St.

Petersburg, FL.

The entire time my buddy and I were in the Sunken Gardens, my husband was complaining. He complained about the heat plus asked if there was anywhere he could get out of the sun, soon, he was complaining about being hungry plus how there weren’t any excellent diners in the gardens… When he complained about how much he had to pay to come into the gardens, they should have served champagne. He then told me he had enough, plus he was ready to go home. When my buddy and I got back to the house, I went to the kitchen plus slammed the door, while he sat in the living room with a glass of wine, and my child asked me what was wrong, plus I told his father said the Sunken Gardens were just okay. She shrugged plus asked me if that was it. She thought the Sunken Gardens were just okay, too, but i rolled my eyes plus showed his out the door. I enjoyed the Sunken Gardens, but that didn’t mean all the people had to appreciate it. I knew my husband wasn’t a flower lover, although he didn’t need to voice it so loudly. My child crossed his arms plus told me he thought I owed his father an apology, and by the time I got downstairs, my husband had another glass of wine resting next to him. He apologized first plus told me would be much nicer the next time, but my buddy and I needed to come in the winter time when it was so hot his brain was frying. I had to laugh at him.
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