I enjoyed the Sioux Falls Scavenger Hunt

I had some university friends come condo with me this Springtime! None of them had been to Sioux Falls before and I had kept telling them how nice it is, however it was the start of Springtime holiday and neither of them had anywhere to go, but when my friend and I got home, it was the middle of May, the temperature was about seventy degrees and too nice to be inside.

I asked if either of them would like to go on an adventure, and my associate and I had a Sioux Falls Scavenger Hunt that was loads of fun.

I told Jolie to bring her smartphone, because this was a self-guided tour. My associate and I grabbed the bikes that were in the garage and headed out. My associate and I saw numerous landmarks and even went to go to the waterfalls! There were clues, puzzles to solve and even some immense challenges. My associate and I were having a blast, however our legs were getting tired… About the time my friend and I were done with the scavenger hunt, my friend and I were ready to be done. None of them got crowned scavenger hunt champion, however my friend and I had a blast, then jenny told me that was the best way to get to Sioux Falls and she wanted to come back in the summer. I told her it was ninety degrees in the summer, and my friend and I couldn’t bike in that heat, however my friend and I could constantly take the car. She laughed and told me she would be back in the summer, as long as my friend and I had a/c in the car. Mom couldn’t suppose my friend and I had biked all over Sioux Falls to do the scavenger hunt. I laughed when she told me if I had waited another hour, she would have gone with us.


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