There was so much to look at Gilded Matilda’s.

When my great friend and I moved to The Villages, FL, all our neighbors were telling us my great friend and I had to visit Gilded Matilda’s. I thought it had to be some kind of bar, if you thought about their name, but my partner told me you can’t judge a book by its cover. I was talking to Angie, one of our neighbors, plus she told me Gilded Matilda’s is a one of kind store, apparently, Gilded Matilda’s features local artists plus their artwork, they have home plus garden decor, plus she showed me some things she bought for her house, but she was showing me the care about jewelry plus accessories she found at Gilded Matilda’s. There were gourmet gifts, Dixie Belle chalk paint plus more than she could tell me. She told me the only way you could understand what Gilded Matilda’s was, was to go there. My partner wasn’t interested in going to a ‘junk’ store; He told me he would sty home in the air conditioning while I went. I didn’t want to go alone, plus the next time I talked to Angie, I told her what my partner said. She laughed plus confided she was hoping my partner was like hers. She wanted someone who would go to Gilded Matilda’s with her, because her partner couldn’t sit going into ‘junk’ shops either; Gilded Matilda’s was not a ‘junk’ shop, as our partners called it. It was a menagerie of fun plus interesting odds plus ends. I was blissful Angie took me to Gilded Matilda’s, because I’ll be going back with her, often, with or without our partners..

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