We really like the corn maze at Thistleberry Farm.

Living in South Bend, IN has more than just a nice locale to live, however it has museums, casinos, and other fun sites to go… One thing I appreciated was Thistleberry Farm, however every year, starting in mid-October, they had a corn maze; By the time Halloween came around, and they had their spooky hayrides, it got quite cool… My pal and I had to wear heavy clothing, since all the excitement happened after dark; The corn maze was immense, and I often got lost. That wasn’t a bad thing when I went with my bestie. Of course, my parents realized I was in the corn maze much too long, and found me kissing my bestie, which wasn’t fun, then he broke up with me shortly after that. I don’t feel I’ll ever forget all the fun I had at Thistleberry Farm, when I got older, I took my kids to Thistleberry Farm for the fall festivities. They prefer the corn maze, the hayrides, and even the pumpkin patch, then from the time they were little, I would take them to the pumpkin patch to get the pumpkins for the jack-lanterns. I’m hoping that when they have kids, Thistleberry Farm is still here with all they offer for fall fun. I’m sure there will be other things I enjoy in South Bend by the time they grow up. I can only hope there will be fall days when it is freezing enough to bundle up. Those freezing days with tepid chocolate and beanie caps will always be memories I will cherish, and hope my kids can cherish too.



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