When it’s 90 degrees, go to Kennedy Water Playground.

They were splashing each other with the water & laughing.

When I moved to South Bend, IN, and i knew it was a great locale to live. I moved to an part that was full of things for my youngsters to do, & where I knew they would be safe. I had been told that when it’s hot, go to Kennedy Water Playground. It was a water park designed just for youngsters, the water was only a foot deep & there were splash pads. What they didn’t tell me was that Kennedy Water Playground was no longer open. I was looking for the water playground, although I couldn’t find it online. They had directions, however that was it. Then I started learning the reviews, however one person said not to waste your time going to the Kennedy Water Playground because it was closed…permanently. It was supposed to be scorching hot, I had no pool in my backyard, & the one locale I was told was perfect for youngsters was closed. I had to go in search of something else for them to do. I found a locale in neighborhood that rented kayaks & other river gear. I rented a pedal boat that was big enough for my two youngsters & me, then my pal and I had a great time pedaling around the Big Sioux River. They were splashing each other with the water & laughing. They started out bummed because they had to stay in the house all day because of the heat. I promised to make them a tent in the kitchen, & I would turn the temperature control lower so it wouldn’t be too warm. I would have never thought of pedaling around a river would make them so happy. I knew I was enjoying myself, even if I was doing most of the pedaling.



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