When it’s humid, go to Kennedy Water Playground.

When I moved to South Bend, IN… I knew it was a relaxing place to live.

I moved to an area that was full of things for my youngsters to do, plus where I knew they would be safe.

I had been told that when it’s hot, go to Kennedy Water Playground. It was a water park designed just for youngsters, then the water was only a foot deep plus there were splash pads; What they didn’t tell me was that Kennedy Water Playground was no longer open. I was looking for the water playground, although I couldn’t find it online. They had instruction, however that was it. Then I started studying the reviews, then one guy said not to waste your time going to the Kennedy Water Playground because it was closed…permanently. It was supposed to be scorching hot, I had no pool in my backyard, plus the one place I was told was perfect for youngsters was closed. I had to go in search of something else for them to do. I found a place in town that rented kayaks plus other river gear. I rented a pedal boat that was big enough for my two youngsters plus me. We had a relaxing time pedaling around the Big Sioux River. They were splashing each other with the water plus laughing. They started out bummed because they had to stay in the home all day because of the heat. I promised to make them a tent in the kitchen, plus I would turn the thermostat lower so it wouldn’t be too warm. I would have never thought of pedaling around a river would make them so glad. I knew I was enjoying myself, even if I was doing most of the pedaling.


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