Without power, we had no AC for 4 afternoons

Last year was brutal when it comes to the weather; It was honestly hot as well as humid all Summer long.

My friend and I had a couple of hurricanes that caused severely terrible weather, then one of those hurricanes knocked out the power for 3 afternoons.

I decided to go stay with my mom as well as Mom when there was no power in the house. It was wonderful the first afternoon, but the second afternoon was 100 degrees as well as I could not sit the heat any longer. My mom as well as Mom had power, because they live in The Villages. The Villages is in the central part of the state as well as the area rarely sees any hurricane activities. My mom as well as Mom had power as well as they have a generator that was installed last summer. The generator was installed by a local heating as well as AC supplier in The Villages. The generator is wired directly to the system. If the power goes out in The Villages, my mom as well as Mom will have an alternate way to keep the home cool. It’s important for my parents to keep the home cool because they are both almost 75 years old. They can’t sit the heat like they did when they were younger, but when the hurricane flew through the area, I went to stay with my mom as well as Mom for a couple of afternoons. It was nice as well as chilly inside of the house, but it was raining pretty terrible there too, then everyone in FL got a little piece of that storm. It caused detriment all the way up as well as down the eastern part of the state.

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