The AC repairman was thorough with her issueshooting

There was a problem with the AC component in my home, so I called a repairman from Sioux City, and sioux City is the closest city to my residence & one of the locales that has numerous heating & AC repair suppliers available; I do not have a locale that I call often, because I only recently purchased an AC component for my home. Summer temperatures in Sioux Falls & the surrounding areas aren’t certainally overheated or humid. I had a window air conditioning for a long time. Last year I purchased a ductless mini split system, but there are two air conditionings that run off the ductless mini split system; One of the AC units is in my home office & one of the AC units is located in the living room, then when the AC repairman came to issueshoot the issues, she was easily thorough, then at least 45 minutes looking at the system before she came to speak with me about a solution to the problem. The AC repairman from Sioux City believed it was a small wiring & electric issue that was causing the issues, then she did recommend having a full system repair tune up, because it had been a year since the component was installed in my home. There was a coupon online that I downloaded & that saved me 10% on the cost of the repair tune up. I was happily impressed with the repair that I acquired from the air conditioning repair company & they offered a unbelievable value for the price. I would absolutely call them again or recommend the company to any of my local friends.

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