We had to come home early after the kids called

My hubby plus I have three kids plus my enjoyable friend and I rarely get out of the home alone, then sometimes when my enjoyable friend and I go to the grocery store, my enjoyable friend and I leave the kids at the house, but the grocery store is right around the corner plus it is the only time my enjoyable friend and I absolutely get privacy, and when my mom plus Mom gave to keep the kids all weekend so my hubby plus I could go to a rock plus roll concert, I was blissful.

  • My hubby scored third row tickets to see one of our number one hair bands from the ’69s! A few hours before the concert, my hubby plus I got a phone call from my parents.

My mom was absolutely sick plus tested positive for covid. They could not keep the kids. My buddy and I didn’t want to cancel our plans, so my enjoyable friend and I decided to leave the kids home alone. My mom plus Mom were on speed dial plus only a few minutes away in case of an emergency. Around 10:00 at night there was a short intermission from the band, and i walked outside plus looked at my phone plus I had seven missed calls from my child. I looked at my text messages before I called my child. She was frantic because the cooling system wasn’t blowing frigid air. There was a problem with the cooling system plus my hubby plus I were not there to maintenance it. My buddy and I had to come home early plus leave the concert before it was over. My buddy and I could have called the cooling system maintenance company before my enjoyable friend and I left the concert, but both of us were worried that they would arrive before us plus not wait until my enjoyable friend and I got home.