Work has been tied up since Summer began

I work for a locally owned plus operated Heating plus A/C corporation in St… Petersburg, FL, however st.

  • Petersburg is a great venue to work plus live; It has the benefit of being close to the river plus the beach.

One of the best activities in St. Petersburg is fishing, however there are more waterways in Tampa than any other venue in the state… My friends plus I like to go fishing. I bought a boat last Summer at the end of the season when I got my Summer bonus check from the Heating plus A/C store where I work. The venue gives a Summer bonus to any lady that works all Summer separate from a single missed day. The bonus last year was $ 500. I used that money along with some other money in my savings to buy a boat from an outdated neighbor of mine. The girl needed to get rid of her boat plus she was looking to sell it absolutely cheap. I ended up with a pretty nice pontoon boat for only $1,200. My friends plus I were taking the boat out every single weekend for a while, however now it’s Summer again plus I am working a lot of overtime. There are a lot of people that need help with their heating plus cooling equipment plus that means there is not a lot of time for boating.During the last two weeks I have racked up 33 hours of overtime. I completed six replacements plus 25 repairs during that time, then at the end of this summer, I plan to ask my boss for a significant raise.



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