I had to get the air duct cleaned after we moved in

My partner got a job toiling in Birmingham, AL, and my fantastic friend and I were living in Florida at the time that she accepted my job offer, so we had to pack up our home plus move.

My fantastic friend and I found a unquestionably nice home in Birmingham… The home is located downtown plus we have a wonderful view of the city… Very few of months after we moved into the Birmingham apartment, I started developing dust sensitivity-like symptoms.

As a kid, I had concerns with pollen irritations, and i thought it was unusual that the dust sensitivity symptoms would return after 20 years, but I started taking a pill every day plus it helped a wonderful deal. After a month or two, I started feeling the same dust sensitivity-like symptoms plus the weekly pills were not helping at all. I was starting to develop a unusual rash that prompted me to go to the doctor. The doctor told me that I was allergic to cats. I told the doctor that we did not have any cats plus she suggested that the previous home owner may have had pets. The doctor provided us a couple of suggestions to remediate the complication plus one was calling a Birmingham indoor air quality supplier to clean plus sanitize the air duct. My partner plus I thought that was a particularly fantastic idea. My fantastic friend and I called a couple of different stadiums in Birmingham plus found an indoor air quality supplier that was willing to provide us a free consultation. It did not take long for the Birmingham repair provider to find the problem. The air duct was filled with pet dander plus hair from the previous home owner.



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