The afternoon shipment was late by an hour

Thursday mornings is the time during the week when the South Bend Heating & Air Conditioning supplier where I work, gets a delivery with supplies for the week.

  • My buddy and I can always order more items if necessary, however my associate and I get all of our regular supplies on Thursday mornings… The delivery truck is usually there by 7:00 in the afternoon, then our first South Bend heating and a/c maintenance calls begin at 8:00 a.m.

That only leaves a small window of time to make sure that everything is put away before my associate and I have to get ready to leave for the jobs during the afternoon. Each one of the heating and a/c repairmen have to alternate who is helping with the Thursday afternoon delivery. This week it was my turn to help, and i showed up at 6:30 in the afternoon. I was hoping that the truck would show up early, however it was absolutely late. The afternoon shipment was late by almost an hour. My boss did not arrive until 8:15 and my associate and I were just starting with the unload when he arrived, then he called the shipping corporation to complain about the time frame and they claimed there was a traffic accident on the highway. I am sure that has true, however it was still truly inconvenient. My first job of the afternoon was a residential customer in South Bend, she was having trouble with her media air cleaner. The customer was frustrated because I showed up for the job late, so I had to supply her a 10% discount on the media air cleaner repair.



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