Tampa AC repair companies are abundant

When my partner suggested moving to Tampa, I wasn’t exactly excited about the idea.

I loved living in St Augustine and I didn’t want to move away.

I had a great job working at a car dealership, but my partner got a lucrative job offer from a Tampa Bay heating and AC repair and installation company. Tampa AC repair and installation companies are abundant, but my partner was offered a huge amount of money to run the commercial division. We talked about moving to Tampa for a while and it seemed like my boyfriend already had his mind made up before he mentioned moving to me. I had to get on board or find a new boyfriend. I hesitantly agreed to move and my boyfriend let me choose our apartment. I picked an apartment that was close to Tampa bay. The apartment is only a couple of miles away from the place where my boyfriend works. My boyfriend can easily commute back and forth to work and the company gave him a vehicle so he doesn’t have to use our personal car to go back and forth to work. I was really happy to hear that, because we only have one vehicle right now. We got rid of our second car years ago and never had any use for it in a small town like St. Augustine. Tampa is much bigger and different and requires a vehicle. I haven’t found employment yet, but I haven’t been looking very hard either. Since my boyfriend got a pretty big raise, I can take my time and look for the perfect job for me.

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