The interstate was backed up after a crash

There are lots of highways that lead to Lakeland, but the interstate is usually pretty busy during rush hour. A lot of people drive from Lakeland to other cities for work. There is a lot of traffic in the afternoon. I tried to avoid the city whenever possible so I don’t get mixed up in wreck our traffic. Unfortunately, I had to go to renew my driver’s license and that took all day to complete. I left the driver’s license place around 2:00 in the afternoon. Be Interstate was completely backed up after a crash. It was impossible for me to see what happened, because I was on the way in the back of a traffic mess. There must have been at least five miles of traffic from the accident. I received a telephone call from the Lakeland, florida, HVAC provider that I use. I had a routine maintenance appointment scheduled for that day. I had to postpone the appointment, because I didn’t think I was going to get back to the house before the service technician arrived. I really needed to get the HVAC system updated and cleaned, so I’m pretty bummed out that I had to postpone the appointment. The next appointment I could get was for the 24th and that is the end of next week. I could call another service provider, but this is the one company in Lakeland that I know I can trust to give me an honest estimate with affordable prices each and every time. I guess it’s worth waiting for the best AC service crew in Lakeland.

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