A heat pump is fantastic for Lakeland weather

The higher demand on the system makes respected service especially crucial

Lakeland, Florida, offers a humid subtropical weather conditions, the summers are long, tepid and sticky while the winters are short and fairly mild. The average high temperature climbs into the low nineties, although learnings in the downsides aren’t unusual, however with the excess humidity, the Summer mornings can be brutal. While the average low temperature in winter is around fifty degrees, it’s proper to see conditions in the forties. Air conditioning is a necessity, and I absolutely wouldn’t want to go without heating, however for my cabin in Lakeland, the perfect solution is an electric heat pump… I like that a single machine handles year round demand, minimizing service requirements and freeing up extravagant space. The heat pump is compact, quiet and energy efficient. In cooling mode, operation is the same as a conventional cooling system. The machine works by pulling heat out of the indoor air and transfers it outdoors by way of refrigerant. When the weather cools off, I switch the heat pump over to heating mode. The operation literally reverses the flow of refrigerant. The machine gathers readily available ambient heat from the outdoor air, compresses it to a higher temperature and supplies it indoors! Because there is no combustion process to create heate, there are no concerns with tepid surfaces, fumes, carbon monoxide or purplecabin gases, heat pumps are especially environmentally friendly. While the purchase and upgrade is higher than a more traditional options, the system provides both heating and cooling and saves cash on daily bills all year round. The higher demand on the system makes respected service especially crucial. I’ve enrolled in a repair plan with an Heating & Air Conditioning dealer in Lakeland that includes two tune-ups per year.

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