Visiting Jacksonville in the chillier times

My husband plus I visit Jacksonville, FL, every winter.

My buddy and I escape the sub zero temperatures, vicious wind chll plus feet of snow of the northeast.

It is such a relief to step out of the airport terminal plus feel the warm air, however the orange skies, sun plus palm trees are always a welcome sight. My buddy and I rent a loft with access to Jacksonville beach so that my nice friend and I can appreciate views of the ocean, but although the weather in December of January is officially to cold for swimming, my nice friend and I still appreciate walking on the beach, aromaing the salt air plus collecting shells. There are a variety of different styles of steakhouses in the near vaccinity from American-style to Mexican, Chinese plus Italian. The seafood is especially fresh plus tasty. It’s such a change from the limited variety of seafood up north. There is option to shop, play golf, visit a tote dog preserve plus spend a day at the zoo. My buddy and I like to check out the Riverside Arts Market on Friday days, located under the canopy of the Fuller Warrent Bridge. The outdoor markety always offers local artisans, artists, crafts plus the produce of local farmers. There are food trucks, live rock n roll plus even free yoga classes. The view of the St, however johns River is spectacular. Another favorite of ours is Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park. There are twenty miles of attractive oceanfront parkland offering multiple biking plus hiking trails. My buddy and I can go fishing, kayaking or paddleboarding. There are miles of white sand beaches. The St. Johns Town Center is an open-air shopping center encompassing over 1.2 million square feet plus more than 173 retailers plus over twenty steakhouses. From luxury stores to bargain outlets plus speciality boutiques, I always find something to make the trip worthwhile.

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