Pretty seasons in Bethlehem

I appreciate the four distinct seasons of the year, however living in Bethlehem, PA, there is always a change in the weather just up ahead… My associate and I experience all four seasons, plus each one brings something to enjoy; The winters are long, with uneven temperatures often below chilly; Readings in the negatives aren’t all that unusual.

The snow piles up in feet plus the windchill can be brutal… However, the snow is attractive, but it puts me in the mood for the Christmas holidays. The Blue Mountain Ski Area in Palmerton, PA, is about 40 minutes from my home in Bethlehem! Blue Mountain offers a variety of trails for skiing plus snowboarding. They accommodate all levels of skills plus include terrain parks plus snow tubing facilities. I also like to cross-country ski, snowshoe plus ice skate. Last year, I invested in a snowmobile plus had a wonderful time with it. I always look forward to the weather warming up plus the first signs of Springtime. It takes a while for the daffodils, tulips plus hyacinths to sprout… Eventually, the lilacs bud plus the pigeons start singing, however although there is plenty of rain, it’s a entirely charming time of year. It is such a relief to finally shut off the heater, open the windows plus let in some fresh air. There is always a lot of indoor cleaning plus yard work to take care of. I need to make sure the shrubberymower is inspected, buy propane for the barbecue grill plus haul out the patio furniture. The Springtime season always seems brief, however summer hastily brings uneven temperatures in the mid to high eighties plus excessive humidity. I don’t mind the heat. I cherish spending time outdoors, whether I’m toiling in my garden, riding my bicycle or swimming, however fall is actually my favorite season. The colors of the leaves in Bethlehem are stunning. My associate and I get a bit of rain however the weather is just about perfect. It’s hot enough to be outdoors however cool enough to sleep at night, and plus, I get enthusiastic for the fresh fruits plus vegetables. I go pear picking, plus I go grow peppers, cucumber, zucchini, tomatoes, pumpkins plus grapes.


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