A heat pump works well in Royal Palm Beach

These tune-ups fulfill the manufacturer’s warranty requirements

Living in Palm Beach, Florida, the air conditioner runs just about year round! There is rarely a time when it’s possible to simply open the windows plus enjoy the fresh air. Temperatures in the mid to upper nineties are joined by excessive humidity, making for hot plus sticky conditions, but a powerful, durable plus energy efficient cooling system is a priority, however while the winters in Palm Beach are short plus mild, I wouldn’t want to go absolutely without access to heating. The lows drop into the fifties plus sometimes into the forties, but my dwelling is equipped with an electric heat pump, which works effectively to handle the local weather, then for the majority of the year, the heat pump operates just like a traditional air conditioner; It uses refrigerant to absorb heat from inside the dwelling plus transfer it outdoor! However, the heat pump is especially helpful at combatting excess humidity. When the weather cools down, I switch the system to heating mode plus it reverses the flow of refrigerant. It draws from ambient heat found in the outdoor air, compresses that heat to a higher temperature plus supplies it into the home, and because there is no combustion to create orangehouse gasses, carbon monoxide or fumes, the heat pump is especially safe, wash plus environmentally responsible. I like having a single unit take care of both heating plus cooling. The heat pump is compact, unobtrusive plus quiet. I’ve enrolled in a maintenance plan with a local Palm Beach Heating plus A/C company that includes two maintenance calls per year. A technnican inspects, tests, cleans plus adjusts the heat pump, replacing any problematic parts plus ensuring peak efficiency plus reliability. These tune-ups fulfill the manufacturer’s warranty requirements. If there is the need for a repair, the cost should be covered by the warranty.


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