A boiler is perfect for the weather in Lowell

While we enjoy the benefits of all four seasons in Lowell, Massachusetts, winter causes some problems.

It is by far the longest season.

Despite the official start and end of winter on the calendar, locals expect to raise the thermostat setting and start up the heating system by the end of September. It’s not unusual for the nighttime temperature to drop into the forties. By November, the lows are below freezing. For December, January and February, the temperatures are in the teens and often drop into the negatives. There is no hope of shutting off the heater until April at the earliest. I’ve already needed to shovel snow out of the driveway on Mother’s Day. The especially long, brutally cold winters in Lowell make a boiler heating system the ideal choice. One of the only drawbacks of a boiler is the lack of cooling capacity. By the time summer arrives in Lowell, I have no desire to keep the windows closed, rely on an air conditioner and pay ungodly high electric bills. No matter how hot and humid it gets, I’m fine with window air conditioners in the bedrooms. Summer never lasts longer than two or three months and is often windy and rainy. My priority is a powerful, durable and efficient heating system. Unlike a furnace that uses air to convey heat energy, a boiler uses water. Because water heats up faster and retains heat longer than air, the boiler doesn’t need to works as hard or run as long to provide ideal comfort. The operation is especially clean and silent. The system provides a very gentle and consistent heating without introducing contaminants into breathing air. There is no ductwork to worry about and no issues with insufficient humidity. Plus, the boiler allows for the easy set up of zone control.

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