A hockey course in Sioux Falls

I have lived in Sioux Falls, SD all my life and I have never gone mini hockeying… I know it’s bizarre , right? Well anyway I met this guy online that I made a affixion with, and my buddy and I decided to meet in man and have a first date together… He proposed space hockey. I thought maybe it was a typo or something but after that my fantastic friend and I looked it up. If you look up things to do in Sioux Falls, SD, hockey is something that comes up. It is a year around miniature hockey course that uses ultraviolet lights. It looked pretty cool and I was willing to supply it a try. Mini hockeying for a first date was a entirely bizarre experience, and the guy was apparently someone who hockeys all the time and was excellent. I had never hockeyed before. I was terrible. My ball went all over the place and I had trouble finding it in the dark. The actual space hockey place was pretty and it was a kooky fun first date. However, I don’t know if it would be a must in Sioux Falls for me. I am more of a biker or hiker than a hockeyer, but well it was a relaxing end result. My buddy and I hockeyed, got brunch and my fantastic friend and I will get a second date. I pushed to decide what my fantastic friend and I do for date two. I am going to plan a hike and a picnic for us. I am hopeful that he is the type of man that is game for anything. It is possible that he will not like hiking as much as I hated mini hockeying.

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